29 May 2010: An International Conference was held on the theme: "San Chosm' & Damiano e 'l suo bel monasterio...". San Cosimato yesterday, today, tomorrow”

Papers given at the International Conference (all speakers from Italy, unless otherwise noted):

History of San Cosimato

1. Romolo A. Staccioli: “Trastevere in antiquity and the archaeological remains in the area of San Cosimato”

2. Joan Barclay Lloyd (Melbourne, Australia): “San Cosimato, from Benedictine monastery to Poor Clare nunnery”

3. Maria Paola Fiorensoli, “The Poor Clares in the context of medieval female monasticism and modern perspectives”

4. Maurizio Gargano, “Sixtus IV: the city and architecture”

5. Karin Bull-Simonsen Einaudi, “ The Poor Clares of San Cosimato in the nineteenth century”.

The documents of SS. Cosma e Damiano in Mica Aurea

6a. M. Voltaggio, “From Orsola Formicini to Gaetano Marini: historical vicissitudes of the San Cosimato Archive”

6b. Gemma Guerrini, “The books of Orsola Formicini (BNC, ms. Varia 5 e ms. Varia 6)”

6c. Lucinia Speciale, “Two illustrated cartularies of the seventeenth century”.

The Restoration of San Cosimato

7. Laura Gigli and Marco Setti, “The San Cosimato Complex. Synthesis and initial results of the recent restoration campaign”

7a. Maria Milazzi, “The painting by Antonio del Massaro in the church of S. Cosimato”

7b. Francesca Mariani, “ Restorations at San Cosimato: Lazzaro Baldi and the Cortoneschi”

8. Laura Morgante (London), “A project for the architectural restoration of San Cosimato”.

San Cosimato today: the Hospital Nuovo Regina Margherita

9. Elvira Caruso, “Ways of medical assistance at the ‘Nuovo Regina Margherita’ Hospital.”